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Disability Experts Training & Consultancy was started in January 2015 by Martin Kelly who thinks everybody should have the chance to succeed and that having a disability should not prevent that.

As well as having a disability himself, Martin has worked with many people with disabilities and knows that given the right chances and the right support they can make good things happen.

In 2016, Sheila Kelly joined us. Sheila and Martin were married in 2007 and met when she was a social worker and he ran projects for people with disabilities and together they are dedicated to making the lives of people with disabilities as good as possible through training and projects.

In December 2016 we became a Community Interest Company and changed our name to Disability Experts C.I.C.  As we continue to grow we intend to employ people with disabilities, not because it's a nice thing to do, but because they have the skills to do the job.

Since starting we have worked with:

Enham Trust in Andover

London Borough of Enfield

Swindon Borough Council

Wiltshire Victim Support

Swindon Champions Multi Sports Club


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