Safeguarding Adults Forum - Swindon

Swindon Borough Council has a responsibility to make sure the people that look after you are doing so in a way that ensures you're safe and that you are being treated properly.

They have to make sure that you are not being abused, neglected or mistreated.

This is a big and important job for Swindon Borough Council so to help them we run a Safeguarding Service Users Forum.  This forum discusses issues about safeguarding and gets people's opinions on what is happening, or what has happened and what was done about it.

We then take this to a meeting called the Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB) where our concerns (and praises) are shared with the people who make decisions on how to safeguard you

We meet 4 times per year and the members of the forum say they feel it really makes a difference.

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